Winter of Discontent

Egypt, 2011
94 min.
Arabic (subtitled)
MN Premiere
Director: Ibrahim El Batout

Festivals & Awards:
Best Actor (Amr Wakd), Muhr Arab Feature—Dubai International Film Festival 2012;
Special Mention & Critics’ Award—Cine’med Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier 2012;
Special Mention—Cairo International Film Festival 2012

Set against the momentous backdrop of the whirlwind protests of Cairo’s Tahrir Square that began on January 25, 2011, this film by independent director Ibrahim El Batout takes us on a compellingly raw, starkly moving journey into the lives of activist Amr (Amr Waked), journalist Farah (Farah Youssef), and state security officer Adel (Salah Alhanafy).

Sunday, 3/17 at the Heights Theater
6:30 p.m.

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