The Last Friday

UAE, Jordan, 2011
88 min.
Arabic (subtitled)
MN Premiere
Director: Yahya Al-Abdallah

Festivals & Awards:
Best Actor (Ali Suleiman)—Dubai International Film Festival 2011
Special Jury Award—Dubai International Film Festival 2011
Best Composer (Trio Joubran)—Dubai International Film Festival 2011
Berlinale Film Festival 2012
Special Jury Award—Fribourg International Film Festival

Youssef, a taxi driver, barely gets by. Not that he seems to particularly mind, until he learns that he must undergo a surgical operation, one that he can hardly afford, to have a chance at saving his own life, within four days, by “the last Friday.” We observe Youssef and wonder, Is there ever enough time to live?

Thursday, 3/14 at the Heights Theater
7:30 p.m.

screening with This is London

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