Abu Rami

Lebanon, 2012
18 min.
Arabic (subtitled)
US Premiere
Director: Sabah Haider

Festivals & Awards:
Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012
Beirut International Film Festival 2012
Minsheng Art Museum (Kan-Kan Film Forum), Shanghai, China 2012

65-year-old Mona is frustrated by her miserable taxi-driver husband Abu Rami and is plagued with doubts about his fidelity. As they drive across Lebanon to visit their son, their car breaks down and the old couple is stranded. Tensions rise and Mona confronts Abu Rami with her suspicions.

Saturday, 3/16 at the Heights Theater
1:45 p.m.

screening with We Want to Know
The Lady with the Grapes
Starring Julia

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