We Have Never Been Kids

+Visiting Director
+Minnesota Premiere

Saturday, 9/30 at St Anthony Main Theatre
2:45 p.m.

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Post-screening Q&A with visiting director Mahmood Soliman.

Mahmood Soliman
87 mins / 2016
Egypt / UAE / Qatar / Lebanon
Arabic with English subtitles
Minnesota premiere

In 2003, Mahmood Soliman’s film Living Among Us tracked the lives of an Egyptian mother and her children. In 2011, he checked back in with the family and began tracking the subjects again. Building a relationship with them over more than a decade, Soliman documents the struggling family as they experience the declining social, political, and economic situation in Egypt. A fascinating portrait of change, the film follows the personal as well as the political. It captures the realities of raising children in poverty and the growth of boys into young men. It documents the hope inspired by the January 25 Revolution, as well as the grim realities of its aftermath. By presenting a detailed record of a single family, We Have Never Been Kids offers an inimitable glimpse into the last decade of Egyptian history.   


Festivals and Awards:
Best Documentary Feature and Best Director, Dubai International Film Festival, UAE, 2016
Best Feature Film, Milan Film Festival, Italy, 2016
Special Jury Prize, Oran International Arab Film Festival, Algeria, 2016

Mahmood Soliman graduated from the Cinema Institute in Cairo and has directed many short fiction and documentary films. We Have Never Been Kids, his first feature film, has won ten prizes and screened at numerous festivals around the world. Soliman is also a writer and he has published several social, political, and opinion pieces in Arabic newspapers. He has written three short story collections which have garnered multiple literary prizes.

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