The War Show

+Minnesota Premiere

Saturday, 9/30 at St Anthony Main Theatre
9:30 p.m.

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Obaidah Zytoon and Andreas Møl Dalsgaard
100 mins / 2016
Syria / Denmark / Sweden / Finland
Arabic with English subtitles
Minnesota premiere

The War Show tracks the experiences of radio host Obaidah Zytoon and her friends after they join the street protests against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in March 2011. This group of artists and activists filmed their perspective on this pivotal moment, even as the regime’s violent response spiraled into a bloody civil war and their hopes for a better future were tested by imprisonment and death. While making the film, Zytoon journeyed throughout the country, from her hometown Zabadani to the center of the rebellion in Homs and to northern Syria. A deeply personal road movie, The War Show captures the fate of Syria through the intimate story of a small circle of friends as their lives intersect with war.

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Festivals and Awards:
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada 2016
Venice International Film Festival, Italy, 2016
Bergen International Film Festival, Norway, 2016

Andreas Møl Dalsgaard is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and producer who was born in Denmark.

Obaidah Zytoon was born in al-Zabadani, Syria. She is a radio DJ. In The War Show, Zytoon and co-director Dalsgaard document her firsthand experiences protesting the Syrian regime.

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