Les Petits Chats

+Minnesota Premiere

Friday, 9/29 at St Anthony Main Theatre
5:10 p.m.

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Yasmine Mustafa
short / documentary
12 mins / 2017
English and Arabic with English subtitles
Minnesota premiere

Hide Your Metal is a short documentary that follows four heavy metal bands as they prepare for the Death Rash Night II concert in Amman, Jordan. Showing the obstacles that metal musicians face in expressing themselves publicly, the film takes on metal’s “satanic” image and its effects on the bands.  

Yasmine Mustafa is the daughter of Palestinian Australian migrants. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in communications arts with an emphasis in journalism from the Lebanese American University and International Film School Sydney.

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Sherif Nakhla
80 mins / 2015
English and Arabic with English subtitles
Minnesota premiere

A celebration of the 1960s and 70s, Egypt’s so-called “Golden Age,” Les Petits Chats is named after one of the country’s most beloved bands, which specialized in playing Italian, French, and American music. The film follows the band in 2010 as they prepare for a reunion show in a newly constructed gated community in Cairo just before Egypt’s revolution. Hearing from band members, popular actors, and other icons from the era, Les Petits Chats captures the vibe and the drama of the 60s rock band and their legacy today.


Sherif Nakhla makes films, directs theater productions, and plays in a rock band.

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