House Without Roof

+Kurdish Language Film
+Minnesota Premiere

Thursday, 9/28 at St Anthony Main Theatre
7:00 p.m.

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Soleen Yusef
narrative / drama
117 mins / 2016
Iraq / Germany / Qatar
Kurdish and German with English subtitles
Minnesota premiere

Liya (Mina Sadic), Jan (Sasun Sayan), and Alan (Murat Seven) travel across Kurdistan with their mother’s dead body in tow. Born in the Kurdish area of Iraq, the three estranged siblings were raised in Germany and have returned only to fulfill their mother’s final request to be buried next to their father, a soldier who was killed by Saddam Hussein’s regime. This task, though, is easier said than done, as their mother’s extended family disapproves of this final resting place. As they unravel the reasons why, Liya, Jan, and Alan rediscover themselves, each other, and their contested homeland. House Without Roof uses a compelling family drama to illuminate social and political tensions in the region’s past and present.

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Soleen Yusef was born in Duhok, Iraq. At the age of nine she and her family fled to Germany. Before making her first feature film, House Without Roof, she worked as a production assistant for Mîtosfilm. She currently lives and works between Kurdistan and Germany.

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