Gaza Surf Club

+Free for Students
+Minnesota Premiere

Thursday, 9/28 at St Anthony Main Theatre
1:20 p.m.

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*Free for students with a valid student ID*


Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine
87 mins / 2016
Palestine / Germany
Arabic with English subtitles
Minnesota premiere

Gaza is a small strip of land with a population of 1.7 million. Wedged between Israel and Egypt, it is isolated from the outside world and, as a result of Israel’s ongoing occupation, the area’s 26 miles of coastline no longer services ships. Hardly anything gets in and even less gets out. While the young people of Gaza lack job prospects and suffer the indignities of life under occupation, this doesn’t stop them from surfing. Gaza Surf Club follows the dedicated members of the surf community in Gaza City, who must use smuggled surfboards to pursue their passion. Juxtaposing experiences of oppression and escape, the film captures brief and beautiful moments of freedom for Gaza’s youth.


Festivals and Awards:
Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2016
Dubai International Film Festival, UAE, 2016

Philip Gnadt studied media production at the Media University in Stuttgart. In 2003, he founded the production company Substanz Film, while also working as a freelance director on corporate and documentary films.

Mickey Yamine grew up in Cairo and moved to Germany at the age of 18. After various jobs in film and TV, he began his studies in film production at the HFF Film University in Babelsberg. In 2013, he founded the Berlin-based production company Little Bridge Pictures together with Andreas Schaap and Benny Theisen.

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