In The Last Days of the City


Friday, 9/30 at St. Anthony Main
9:45 p.m.

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In The Last Days of the City / آخر ايام المدينة

Tamer El Said
narrative feature / drama
118 mins / 2016
Egypt / Germany / UK
Arabic with English subtitles
Minnesota premiere

Set in downtown Cairo in 2009, In the Last Days of the City depicts filmmaker Khalid (Khalid Abdalla) as he struggles to make a film that captures the soul of the city while dealing with loss in his own life. With the help of his friends, who send him footage from their lives in Beirut, Baghdad, and Berlin, he finds the strength to keep going in the face of ongoing and failing uprisings. Shot mostly in 2009, director El Said captures the beauty and sound of Cairo in a moment of transformation, an image of the city lost to the present.




Festivals and Awards
*Festival de Cine de Lima, Peru, 2016
*Grand Prix, MFF t-mobile Nowe Horyzonty Film Festival, Poland, 2016
*Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 2016
*Pesaro Film Festival, Italy, 2016

Tamer El Said is a filmmaker in Cairo, where he was born in 1972. He studied filmmaking at the High Cinema Institute (Cairo) and journalism at Cairo University. He has made several documentaries and shorts that have received international and local awards. El Said founded Zero Production in 2007 to produce independent cinema. He is also a co-founder of Cimatheque Alternative Film Center in Egypt. Last Days is his first narrative feature.


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